Kids are back in school today. I am back to packing lunches and early mornings–feeling pretty worn out day one. This afternoon, we bought some fruit gummies to bring to school for when the class has some kind of treat that my seven year old can’t have. And my son came home today craving a […]

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  • Rebekah Hamon - I can really relate to your tiredness. My middle schooler and high schooler are staying up till 10 these days, and I am mourning my time alone in the evening, while trying to remember that they will be gone so soon, I need to cherish this time with them.


  • gfcfmom - Yes–I totally agree–that we need to cherish this time with them before they move on. I guess I will have the rest of my life to post and only now to be with them. ReplyCancel

Tim Jackson, Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) came highly recommended by my friend Amie Valpone, at The Healthy Apple. Tim Jackson is an expert on methylation and MTHFR gene mutations and is practitioner at MTHFR Support.  I did a Q & A with him to share with readers who might want more information on the […]

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  • Kassie - So strange you posted on this since my mom just found out she has a double copy! I'm going to get tested too to see if I have it. Thanks fo the info!ReplyCancel

  • The Healthy Apple - Looks great, Kir! So glad Dr. Tim is helpful. Missing you; enjoy your summer! xooxReplyCancel

  • kathy - I havent visited your site in a while and I seen this article. I was just found to have this after having a late term miscarriage in may. My sister and 2 cousins also have it. I heard that going gluten free helps.Do you know if thats true? I was also prescribed a prescription for a folic acid and b vitamin blend pill.ReplyCancel

2013 Sleep Away Camps for Kids on a Gluten Free Diet Instead of cooking, I have spent the last few days writing letters to my kids at sleep away camp and looking at photos of them online. It’s amazing to me that sleep away camps can accommodate kids who are gluten free and dairy free. […]

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