I found these new Mimi The Sardine lunch bags at Giggle this week and they are my new favorite thing. I bought a small blue doggie lunch bag for my daughter to take on our trip to Vermont. I don’t see it available online, but they have a lot of cute patterns. The fabric is […]

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Many conditions such as celiac, ADD, autism and allergies can be treated through nutrition and diet and I was wondering if there was research on Down Syndrome benefiting from nutritional intervention. Down Syndrome children have a genetic disorder that I was especially curious about, because a close friend has a daughter born with Down Syndrome. […]

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When my son was an infant he was extremely colicky and my husband kept on saying to me “He is allergic to something. There is something wrong.” But the pediatrician always dismissed my concerns and kept on saying “allergies to milk are extremely rare” and it is his “undeveloped digestive system.” I was breastfeeding and […]

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  • melissa - I’m glad to finally see your blog. Lauren told me about you. What you have written is very interesting. The insomnia connection to allergies is so interesting. I wonder if my son has allergies, or perhaps some intolerance. He’s prone to having gas! Is this a sign of intolerance?ReplyCancel

  • gfcfmom - Thanks for your comment. Gas can be a sign of lactose intolerance intolerance–which can be a sign of undiagnosed celiac disease. Gas by itself wouldn’t be alarming, but terrible gas with other allergic symptoms (red face, red ears,dark circles under eyes, distended abdomen, short stature, pain and discomfort, developmental delays, headaches, muscle aches etc)might be suggestive of an intolerance. It is all very complicated, but an awareness of the complexity of the situation and what to look for is important as these things seem to be more common and more overlooked by doctors.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie - GFCF Mom-

    In response to your article, my pediatrician told me that really giving whole cow’s milk to babies is complete laziness on our part. He told me cow’s milk is for baby cows and he told me to breastfeed and make sure the kids got their daily vitamin intake through their food. He also said that there is quite a strong link between cow’s milk and autoimmune disease.

    I am excited about your new blog. Very interesting points you are making!


  • journeytocrunchville - I agree that regular cows milk is awful for just about everyone. We have found tremendous health benefits in raw cows milk. Raw goats milk is even better for you but I can’t stomach the taste. For those who can’t breastfeed and need to use formula, formula made from raw goats milk and combined with other ingredients is supposed to be a superb choice. I believed the hype about raw milk being dangerous for a long time until I looked into it.

    My daughter who can’t have regular milk at all or she breaks out in hives tolerates raw milk perfectly.

    I know that those who shy away from dairy all together wouldn’t find this as an acceptable alternative though.

    A website I found really useful was http://www.realmilk.com

    My gluten free friends all have great success with raw cow and goat milk products but can’t have regular dairy at all.ReplyCancel

There was an article this week in the New York Times about a “Mom on a Mission” to reform the food industry and to fund independent research on food allergies. Her website, allergykids.com, has a ton of information on allergies and how dangerous the industrialization of our food supply is for our children. On allergykids.com, […]

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  • Heidi - Kirstin,
    This is really amazing! The content is getting better and better and you are quickly becoming my best resource for all things nutritional related to me and my family! Many of the kids in my daughters’ circle of friends are language delayed. They aren’t speaking more than a few words and they are about to turn two. I am very concerned for these kids because I strongly believe that my daughters’ language is not because she is a girl, it is all because of good nutrition and vitamins! She has been gluten free for 8 months and dairy “light” for a year. She never drank cows milk after nursing for 15 months and has taken herself off all dairy except for the occasional ice cream treat the last few months. She eats a variety of healthy veggies, non-gluten grains, beans, meats and fruit. She is the ideal eater.
    What can I do to help other parents see the light on this issue without scaring them, being “preachy” or dogmatic?
    Help, I am really concerned about these kids!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - One of our treating practitioners recommends only fermented soy and then sparingly. Henry has been soy free for years and I have cut back to almost none – rarely have tofu, some tempeh on occasion. Americans overuse soy too!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Roller - Silk only uses non-GMO soybeans. This website even lists non-GMO soy products. http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com/brands/tofu-tempeh-and-alternative-meat-products.html#ReplyCancel

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