I was talking to a courageous mother at my daughter’s school who isfighting stage four lung cancer at 41 years of age and I asked her ifshe had found any kind of nutritional intervention to be helpful.She told me that she was taking Vitamin D because they discoveredshe had low levels of Vitamin D. She […]

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  • Lauren - I love vitamin D – hopefully the weather will turn around so we can get more Vitamin D from being outside! Thanks for the info on the supplements.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - one more comment – what is the exact name of the gummy vitamins you were telling me about. i would love to order them.ReplyCancel

  • gfcfmom - Dr. Sear’s Juice Plus Gummies are what my 6 year old takes–she takes one of each with each meal. They have a vegetable gummy and a separate fruit gummy. They are dehydrated fruits and vegetables which are then used to make gummies. They are to be taken in addition to vitamins as they are more of a whole food item. They are an expensive, but convenient, way to get picky eaters to get more fruits and vegetables. They are a little difficult to buy since they are only sold through distributors, but they work for us. Green’s Today also makes a whole food vitamin that is easier to purchase from a store BUT GREENS TODAY IS NOT GLUTEN FREE. We use the Juice Plus because they are gluten free.ReplyCancel

Allergykids.com has a wonderful food politics blog that I really admire. On February 1st, there was an excellent article “Got Milk Allergy? What the Labels (and Docs!) Don’t Tell Us” with an overview of the controversial rBGH growth hormone given to many cows in the United States and outlawed in other countries. Youtube has a […]

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