Organic Girl greens are by far, the best product that has ever been sent to me to review. Nothing makes me happier than fresh, crisp organic greens. Well, that is not completely true–washed THREE times organic produce makes me even happier. I sampled two blends of Organic Girl mixed greens (I heart baby kale! and […]

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Many people assume that medications are free from major allergens like wheat. People who follow a medically prescribed gluten free diet are told (by doctors and in support groups) to look up online whether a particular medication is gluten free. When I was first prescribed Cytomel, I confirmed it was gluten free by looking it […]

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  • The Healthy Apple - Such a great post. It upsets me SO much that no one puts labels on these prescriptions!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I was wondering where your generic cytomel was made? I recently switched to the brand name because the generic made me itch. I found the company Mylan made the generic and it is manufactured in China and India. Another thing to check.

    I still don't understand the labeling issue though. I don't think the healthcare industry and insurance companies care at all about the health of the people.ReplyCancel

  • @monicabuck - Thanks GFCFMOM for the info about Liothyronine Sodium being gluten free. I sit here with the prescription bottle in hand as I look up the needed information. My pharmacist was unable to answer the question!! Thanks to you doing your homework, I now have the answer AND the number to reach the manufacturer. Very helpful information and much appreciated!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I'm so thankful that you posted this information. The internet is full of different information about the gluten free status of Cytomel. After reading your article, I decided to switch to the generic made by Paddock labs. and am hoping the results will be as good or better than brand. Have you noticed any improvement or difference since switching?

    I too called Pfizer (today) and was told that the ingredient list says "starch" and doesn't specify the source- therefore to assume it does contain gluten.

    I'm wondering if all of the confusion is because prior to King Labs. being bought out by Pfizer, Cytomel could have indeed been gluten free. What do you think?


  • Dale Almond - I just found your post on Cytomel. Just today I called Pfizer – after a month on Cytomel and feeling horrid – and the customer service person transferred me to a Pfizer pharmacist. When I asked her if the starch was wheat starch, she said it was "not Pfizer's policy" to reveal the source of the starch, but that I should "absolutely assume that it comes from wheat". I think that's a pretty definitive answer, which still allows Pfizer to sidestep the issue. I'm disgusted, but at least I know the truth. My doctor will order a custom T3 from a compounding pharmacy.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Unfortunately, if coeliac or very sensitive to gluten, it's not enough just to avoid gluten. There are a number of other foods, assumed to be gluten-free friendly, that cross-react in the body as if you have consumed gluten. Corn, rice and potatoes are some of these. There is an excellent blog article by Paleo Mom about this. So even if tablets contain corn starch, you're not necessarily safe. Fortunately, Paddock Labs is corn-free too.

  • Petru Speaks - It is sad . I am experiencing the same situation. King pharmaceuticals have switched manufacturing plants from Bristol, Tn to Austria. The medication does not work well for me anymore. I called Pfizer, pharmacists, and also my insurance. They act as if they are clueless about the whole thing.ReplyCancel

Toastabags are small bags that you can use to toast gluten free bread and prevent cross contamination of crumbs. I would always prefer a dedicated gluten free toaster–but in a pinch while traveling these bags might be helpful for some people on a gluten free diet. They also might be helpful for people at work. […]

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    – The gluten free toastReplyCancel

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