Lauric Acid is found in breast milk and coconut milk. According toLiving and Raw Foods, it is converted in the body to monolaurin whichcauses the “disintegration of the viral envelope.”1 The antiviralproperties of the monolaurin can fight many viruses including HIV,Herpes, influenza virus. It has been used in clinical studies toreduce the viral load of […]

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  • journeytocrunchville - We love coconut oil too! But fell out of habit of using it. I need to pick the habit back up. We found a really wonderful brand through Azure Standard.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - We will be using more coconut oil in our house too! Thanks for the information.

    p.s. love the new header on your blogReplyCancel

  • roelandt - hi there, I am roe and I am from the Philippines. I was searching for an info about the good sources of Glutathione when I hopped into this page about the healing wonders of the coconut oil. Thanks for mentioning Malaysia and my country, the Philippines for potential sources of this miraculous oil. Yes, we have tons and tons of coconuts in the country but the coconut farmers are not getting enough support since they are focused into harvesting rice. My family owns a farm and thinking of a business, I guess I’ll push the coconut oil business. Just recently they have discovered that young coconuts in the Philippines can produce a Virgin Coconut oil to fight the budding cancer cells. VCO is the leading brand. Most people take a sponfull of it everyday for health reasons. With relevance to the HIV cells and how the coconut oil minimizes them, I’ve read in one article 5 years ago that consuming coconut water decreases the HIV virus in the body at around 50%.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy - We love it too. In fact, I have a post I started on coconut oil that I need to finish. I use it after each shower on my skin, to remove mascara, for cooking, mixed with honey when sick, and we give it to the dog who absolutely loves it. The minute she hears the jar opening she is there!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I just stumbled upon the greatness of coconut oil. We have been on the GF diet for 8 months and hopefully, this wonderful oil will aid in our health.

    Do you have a favorite brand? I was currently going to purchase the Harvest Bay and the Nutiva to compare.ReplyCancel

  • gfcfmom - from…
    Nutiva comes in plastic bottle so I avoid it. Fat leaches most into fat from plastic so I avoid plastic containers. I buy organic coconut oil in a glass container and I haven't found much difference in brands so I buy whatever is cheapest.ReplyCancel

  • Ladycates - Hi! I just ordered some coconut oil for cooking, too but before I read your comment about avoiding the plastic containers. :( I ordered the Nutiva. I tried to cancel my order but it was too late. I'll buy the glass from now on but what am I actually losing by buying the plastic? I'm so bothered by it now cause I ordered 2 bottles. GrrrrrrrrReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Those interested in the health properties of VCO should go to and learn a more complete basis for this remarkable oil.
    The monolaurin (the active fat) story will amaze youReplyCancel

  • excessive sweating control - are amazing properties of coconut oil, many of the properties listed on this blog I had no knowledge, so thank you very much for sharing that information with its readers …ReplyCancel

  • Axolotl - I don't doubt that coconut oil can be part of a healthy diet and has benefits. However, I'd like to point out that mother's milk contains immunoglobulins from the mother's immune system which are almost certainly the main, if not the only reason why mother's milk provides some immunity.
    In addition, the [single] study done that supports the idea that coconut oil decreases HIV viral load was, to be kind, full of holes and far too small, with only 2 patients experiencing a significant decrease in viral load (out of 15), while others experienced significant increases or no change. You can read the entire thing here: ReplyCancel

  • Cooking Papa - I had dropped coconut oil from my cooking because of articles about high saturated fat content.

    I am going to start using it again. My family is from a coastal town in India and we used coconut milk in curries for a long time. In fact my father was told it was the cause of his heart problems.ReplyCancel

These are a great lunchbox snack for more adventurous kids and adults. Also, once you get the hang of them you can really improvise with the fillings adding avocados, nuts, vermicelli noodles, and green onions. My son likes his filled with carrots and peanuts. My daughter likes hers with chicken and peanuts. They started eating […]

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  • Cannon and Kassie - These were incredible!! I can’t wait to make them…thanks for all of you info tonight. You are awesome!ReplyCancel

  • melissa - I had such a fantastic time with you at the party! Everything you had to say was so interesting! I’m going to go to the store and buy ingredients to make these amazing spring rolls. You’ve truly inspired me.ReplyCancel

  • airMohan - WOW… that amazing…. u seem mastering the art of cooking and redefining your flavor in every recipe.

    Let me request you, at your leisure time, you are most welcome to join me at: Beach ResortReplyCancel

I went to a lecture on “Simple Steps Parents Can Take to Protect Children from Toxins in Our Everyday World” given by Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center. I love the laminated cards they gave out which showed the safer plastics (1,2,4, and 5)and the plastics to avoid(3,6&7). I returned my 3, 6&7 containers to […]

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  • Naomi Devlin - Just checked all my tupperware and it’s 4 & 5, phew! Thanks for sharing this simple but immensely useful information.

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Here is another really kid friendly recipes which my kids like. I prefer baking these in the oven so the oil stays below it’s smoke point. 1# chicken breasts3/4 tsp salt1/2 tsp pepper4 tsp cornstarch4 tsp oil1 egg white1 egg yolk mixed with 2 T coconut milk1 cup GF bread crumbscooking oil (I prefer macadamia […]

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  • Amanda Youngblood - Is there a way to adapt this so it's also egg-free? My son loved nuggets, but I'm not sure how to make my own without using eggs…ReplyCancel

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