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You can still sign up to catch the last few days of the Gluten Summit by clicking HERE. To order a digital copy of the gluten summit click HERE.

Watching the Gluten Summit, I can’t help but think back to seven years ago when my son was sick and  mainstream tests and doctors were not able to offer any help. This collection of interviews with the leading  experts in the gluten free world would have brought me the research and information I needed at a moment when I felt most alone trying to save my son. Now, seven years later, I am grateful that science is beginning to offer an explanation to parents about why gluten is such a problem for so many people.
Dr. Fassano, a doctor at Mass General, who is one of the leading researchers on celiac and non-celiac gluten intolerance spoke at the Summit saying  “Gluten is not digestible by any human.” Fassano goes on to explain that some people are better at cleaning up the damage from gluten than others which is why some people do okay with it.  In other lecture, Dr. Vojdani explained the complicated immune system and why typical tests for immune reactions to gluten are often negative.
I still believe that testing is essential to find out if a person is dealing with celiac or gluten intolerance. If you lack the genes for celiac and the related antibodies, then you might have more flexibility with a gluten free diet. But without proper testing it is hard to know how strict a gluten free diet you need. Of course, the best test is a person’s response to a gluten free diet.
More than anything, though, knowledge is power. So, listening to the Gluten Summit will help everyone learn more about this growing problem.
Visit the Gluten Summit to get more information.
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