William Davis, Author of Wheat Belly, on the Gluten Summit: The Problem with Whole Grains

I’m listening to the Gluten Summit. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, is speaking about how he stumbled upon prescribing the gluten free diet to patients who needed to reduce their risk for heart disease and lower blood sugar. It’s fascinating to hear him recount the recovery  that his patients made after implementing simple dietary changes. He stumbled upon  the gluten free diet by looking at the foods that had the highest glycemic index (dates, figs, gluten free foods made from potato starch and tapioco starch and whole wheat bread.)

“If you wanted to inflict diabetes on a world on an incredibly unprecedented scale, you would have them eat plenty of healthy whole grains. That is exactly how you would create diabetes.”

 –Dr. William Davis
The Gluten Summit is offering these interviews for free for 24 hours so the William Davis’s lecture is available until 10 am tomorrow morning. If you haven’t signed up for the Gluten Summit is is FREE to listen to the lectures if you sign up now. After the Summit ends, the interviews will be available for a fee.

You can still sign up to catch the last few days of the Gluten Summit by clicking HERE. To order a digital copy of the gluten summit click HERE.

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