Happy Halloween 2014: Trading in Candy!

Happy Halloween!

I have to confess, I love candy and so do my kids. And, I do let me kids eat the gluten free candy they collect at Halloween. We have so so many things that are off limits that I want them to feel an abundance of the things they can eat. We have a tradition where the kids can turn the candy they can’t eat in for candy they can eat.  My daughter does have to give away her twizzlers, twix and the random candy that is not gluten free. My eight year old, who is gluten and dairy free has to trade in all his gluten free and dairy free candy which includes tootsie pops, blow pops and chocolate candy.
They usually each end up with a large bag of candy to sort and trade. I am not very good at throwing things away so we usually give our extra candy to the doorman or we put it outside our door in a bowl for late night trick-or-treaters.
Here are some ideas of things we trade in candy for…
Trade in
Twizzlers licorice (not GF/contains wheat) for Candy Tree Organic Cherry Twists (GFCF)
Nestle’s Crunch bars (not GF/contains barley malt) for Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom Ricemilk Crunch Bars (GFCF)
Blow Pops (GF/contain dairy) for Dum Dum Lollipops
Here is a link to company pages to see gluten free status of candy…
Dum Dum Lollipop (all are GF and dairy free)
Wriggly 1-800-974-4539 (all GF except Altoid Small Sugar Free Peppermint and all dairy free except Strawberry Cream Savers contain dairy) including
Skittles (GFCF)
Starburst (GFCF)
Lifesavers and Lifesaver Gummies (GFCF)
Doublemint Gum (GFCF)
Hubba Bubba (GFCF)
Here is a picture of the candy I bought for my kids to trade in for…All the candy was purchased at 
1347 1st Avenue @72nd Street
(212) 396-3780
Thank you to The Healthy Apple for telling me about Matter of Health!
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  • The Healthy Apple - This post looks great Kir! Love the pumpkins; so festive. So glad you enjoyed A Matter of Health. I LOVE it there and cannot wait to go with you on Sunday night!
    Have a great weekend.

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