organic baby food by Tastybaby

There is so much concern about breastfeeding and so little concern about what comes afterwards, which is why I was happy to hear about this new line of organic baby food: Tastybaby. Anyone who is making organic baby food is making the world a better place, as far as I’m concerned. Research links pesticides to cancers, developmental disorders, and immunological problems so everyone should be eating organic food. And babies DEFINITELY should be eating organic food. I am especially impressed by Tastybaby’s decision to stay away from fortification of the food with DHA. Fortifying food is done, in my opinion, as a way of marketing processed food. Real food is healthy enough already and doesn’t need added nutrients. I am a big believer in vitamins and supplements, but if you need vitamins or supplements, for whatever reason, they should be of the highest quality and you shouldn’t purchase food with these added ingredients. If companies are adding DHA, you really don’t know the source or the quality of the DHA. And if there is a reaction to the food you don’t know if it is the food or the added ingredients.

WHAT TO DO: Visit Tastybaby to learn more about their product and how they are making the world a greener and yummier place. And choose food that is organic and contains as few ingredients as possible.

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  • Lauren - Thanks for letting me know about this – I enjoyed sampling their food last Saturday with J. Their smoothies are tasty!

    btw – love the quotes!! xoReplyCancel

  • Erika - Thank you for the tip. I hadn’t heard of this, but will be sure to check it out when I visit Whole Foods.ReplyCancel

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