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I went to a lecture on brain function and sensory integration by Dr. Scott Theirl, a chiropractic neurologist who has a practice called Functional Restoration. Dr. Theirl described how the brain needs to develop in order to function properly. Briefly, he explained how the cerebellum is highly affected by gluten sensitivity and food sensitivities and so dietary intervention is the FIRST STEP in treatment since a well integrated cerebellum can feed the other areas of the brain to develop.

The cerebellum is the small older brain which coordinates balance, muscle tone, initiates body movement, plans motor aspects of frontal lobe activities (planning), stops eye movement, facial tone, and is excited by hand and body movement.

His lecture confirmed what I have witnessed in my children whose brain issues seemed to be very healed through dietary changes and the exclusion of gluten. He also had two simple and interesting tips that might help other parents.

If you are seeing terrible behavior in a child, switch their seat to the opposite side of the car, table or room so that the other half of their brain will be stimulated. For instance, if they are on the right side of the car and feel sick have them switch to the left side. This will stimulate the opposite side of their brain.

Also, said you could try squeezing your child’s right hand to wake up the left frontal lobe if your child is having emotional or cognitive difficulties learning something.

WHAT TO DO: Try using these techniques and let me know if you see any change in behavior.

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