Dr. Mercola on Plastics in Tea Bags–A Surpising Source of Potential Toxins

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a health expert who writes articles and sells wellness products on his website Mercola.com. When I want an overview of the alternative perspective on a health issue or supplement or chronic health problem I often go to Mercola first and do a search.
On April 24, 2013 Mercola wrote an article on Plastic and Cancerous Compounds in Tea Bags–A Surprising Source of Potential Toxins. It’s shocking how plastic is hidden everywhere–even in our old fashioned tea bags. And, it makes you realize how going back to the most basic way of making food (and beverages) can really prevent exposure to these modern day chemicals. Some manufacturers are using plastic in the manufacturing of  the tea bags and coffee filters. The process “prevents tears that allow the tea leaves/coffee grounds to leak.” And it can expose people to unhealthy toxins as the plastics used are exposed to boiling water during the process of steeping tea. If you don’t have time to read the whole article Dr. Mercola suggests:

“purchasing tea from manufacturers who can certify that their
tea bags do not contain epichlorophydrin, and avoid plastic tea bags.
Your best option is to opt for loose tea.”

selecting tea of any kind, it should preferably be organic (to avoid
pesticides) and grown in a pristine environment (tea is known to
accumulate fluoride, heavy metals and other toxins from soil and water,
so a clean growing environment is essential to producing a pure,
high-quality tea.”

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