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There are many different types of doctors and many different problems. There have been several requests for me to list the doctors we have seen. Please feel free to comment if you have anything to add about any of these doctors.

In my experience, there wasn’t one doctor who figured out what was going on with my kids. Instead it was more “it takes a village” — with each doctor adding a piece of the puzzle.

There have been too many doctors in the year and a half since my son got sick, but I don’t regret a single visit. All of them have added an important piece to the puzzle. Through them I have learned a tremendous amount which has allowed me to help my son get better as well as other children with similar problems. A year later and two batches of testing he is doing great and we are thrilled at what a talkative, fun, happy almost three year old we have. We are fortunate to be in New York City and have access to both mainstream(M) and integrative(I) physicians. If you email me I would be happy to make more specific recommendations and provide more details.

Dr. Bruce Brovender is a supportive pediatrician who understands developmental issues and realizes the need to for addressing problems by getting help early on. He has gone above and beyond not only to help our kids get better, but also to stay healthy. M

Dr. Fred Pescatore is an integrative doctor who does the ALCAT food intolerance test and blood tests for allergies as well as a comprehensive family history and personal history. He specializes in allergies, asthma, weight loss and chronic conditions that don’t respond to mainstream treatment. If you have been to a bunch of doctors but still don’t feel better he is a great person to consult who will get you feeling better through dietary intervention. I

Dr. Morton Teich is an environmental allergist who is an old fashioned country doctor in a big city. He has a rare ability to look at both mainstream and alternative testing. In addition, he has a wonderful, uninvasive “do no harm”, protective approach to healing and an impressive ability to listen and learn from parents. M

Dr. Hops practices Integrative Family Medicine and knows about celiac testing and gluten intolerance. She sees both adults and kids and is part of the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, which has a beautiful lofty waiting room. The Continuum Center has many different doctors in their practice including an excellent nutritionist, MaryBeth Augustine. I

Dr. Sharon Herzfeld practices Integrative Neurology and Holistic Medicine. She has had a fascinating career first as a NYU neurologist and then as a Holistic doctor. If you need an opinion of a sensitive neurologist, want to try holistic medicine or want a second opinion on a medical issue, she is a fabulous person to consult. I

Dr. Jennifer Cross is a Developmental Pediatrician who does developmental testing, which allowed us to figure out which areas our son needed help with to catch up developmentally. She understood the subtleties of developmental issues, helped us figure out a plan for getting help, and perceptively diagnosed our son with an “allergy syndrome” before anyone else. M

Peta Cohen is a Nutritionist in New Jersey who specializes in metabolic issues. She does a lot of alternative testing to specifically pinpoint on a biochemical level where things are breaking down. Peta sells a lot of the best nutritional supplements, so that you can conveniently order the best probiotics, enzymes and vitamins through her office. In addition, she has a special interest in healing children through vitamins based on testing. (201)541-7601. I

One doctor I haven’t seen who other parents have recommended.

Dr. Nancy O’Hara is in Connecticut, and has a practice to integrate the care of adults and children. She is a top notch D.A.N. doctor.

Dr. Scott Theirl is a board certified chiropractic neurologist who I heard speak at a NAA NYC event who comes highly recommended by parents. You can hear him speak on a radio interview at

WHAT TO DO: Ask other parents which doctors they like so you can get to the right person to help you with your kid…your puzzle.

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